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RMA Tactical
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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail 

* Military, Private Security, Police, Fugitive Recovery Agents,

Bouncers, Body guards, Survivalist



 RMA Tactical

The rise of violence and terrorism in the world, we need to

be ready at all times, for ourselves, family, and country.





This program will have a structure and broken  

down into levels of training, to help retain what you learn




  Training description outline:


Close quarter tactics – from empty hand to weapons training

Knife tactics, understanding the offense for better defense and Machete

Single stick/baton – stick combatives and disarming techniques.

P.A.L. – Police Assisted Lock, a pain compliance tool that really works.

Gun disarms – from 2 feet or closer.

Takedown and follow up techniques, you will have the guy under control within seconds.

Ground fighting for the street.

Sparring – empty hand, stick, and knife – putting the training in action.

Jujitsu – joint manipulation from standing to the ground.

        Action is quicker than reaction concepts.

Better understanding of the fighting mentality.

Basic footwork and movement.             

The third leg principle refers to off balancing your opponent.

Hard and soft principle refers to movement.

The principle of natural flow, which is the hardest principle to understand.

Ranges of Combat – long, middle, and close quarter.

         Firearms training - from the handgun to the assault rifle




























  Owner/Master Instructor

 Shihan/Guro Terry Pollard

8th Degree Black Belt

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